Publications about Maertin Lem

During the past centuries a lot has been written about Martime Leme, the merchant in Portugal, and Maertin Lem, the politician in Bruges. Texts about Maertin the merchant were written in Portugal, while texts about the politician were written in Flanders. This has led to a lot of confusion as both stories did not match very well. Various authors have told their stories about both Maertin’s.

But these stories were often full of unreliable, untraceable statements. Even in various recent publications, contradictions can still be found.

For example, one author used previous publications to write a text about Maertin Lem without checking the primary sources. Also, old documents were read incorrectly, as authors were preoccupied with their own, to be proven theory in mind.

To create clarity we have put the facts about Maertin Lem from primary and reliable sources in a chronological overview.

In 2019 an academic article will be published about Maertin Lem.

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