The first Lem searching for the history of the Lem family was Rvd. Leon Lem. He was born in Brugge (Belgium) but lived in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He contacted a lot of Lem Lemm and Leme all over the world.
In the Netherlands he corresponded with Dr. Piet Lem in Nijmegen which started (ca. 1935) the research in the Netherlands.
In 1982 Ruud Lem (a son of Piet, living in Lymington U.K) and Wil Lem ( Maastricht NL) restarted in co-operation the world wide research. They could use all the information found by Leon and Piet Lem.
After visiting a lot of archives, contacts with many institutes and individuals all over the world they decided in 1992 to produce a book with all the information which was gathered together and include all the family branches which were found.

In 1993 they published:

Genealogia Lemniana
The world history of Lemm; Lem and Leme.
In the preface of the book the editors explained their aim:

The books preface:
Dear cousin, dear reader,

Proudly, but with some relieve we can offer now the long awaited book on the families:
LEM, LEMS, LEMM, LEMSOM, LEMSON to family- members and all interested.
We have tried to produce a book that should be more than a Genealogy of one family only; we wanted to make a book in which everyone of the mentioned families could find him- or herself.
This way a comprehensive history has been created showing their possible connection, as far back as possible. Next to that some information has been included on families with possible relations to the researched families and we mention in this respect:
We are well aware of the restrictions this endeavour has entailed and we do realise that this book is NOT finished.
Much more material is in our possession, but has been impossible to include in this book; we also believe that this was not necessary. We also have tried to make a book that would be easy to read, both for the general reader and the family historian.
We hope to have succeeded in creating a fine family- book which may find a place as an “ALBUM” on your bookshelves and that will be read by future generations.

If you want more information about book “GENEALOGIA LEMNIANA” please contact us